Advice on the contractual aspects of construction projects at all stages from tender to final account settlement. Advice on the best procedures to adopt to prevent disputes arising and, where problems do arise, the best actions for clients to take to protect their interests.

The practice has extensive experience in the research, preparation and presentation of claims and in conducting negotiations on behalf of clients to secure the best possible negotiated settlements.

The accurate review,assessment or assembly of 'claims' on construction projects can involve the correct analysis of very large amounts of information concerning complex and interrelated issues and needs and understanding of the engineering/construction issues involved and the contractual/legal frameworks of individual projects. It also requires the ability to work closely and constructively with existing project personel.

Achieving satisfactory dispute settlements requires highly developed negotiating skills. It is in these fields that JPN Associates offers specialist expert advice and services.

Database, project management and other computerised techniques are used to analyse and assess problems and present documentation in the clearest and most convincing manner. The practice's wide ranging project involvement has provided the experience with which to understand the many different problems which can be encountered on most types of construction projects, including the special problems which can arise on international projects, and to know how to analyse contractual disputes/claims situations and assess their merits. In the majority of cases settlements are achieved by negotiation, without the need for legal proceedings. Detailed appraisal of the merits of individual cases, the preparation and submission of comprehensive, persuasive documentation and the application of negotiating skills derived from many years' experience have generated the practice's track record of successful settlements.


The defence of construction employers, main contractors and subcontractors from claims received from other parties includes independent, forthright and objective advice on the strengths and weaknesses of issues in dispute, the preparation and presentation of necessary documentation and the negotiation of settlements.